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Malta Camp USA

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building community between those with and without disabilities

Siena College, Loudonville, NY

Malta Camp USA is an initiative of the Order of Malta and is something truly unique! Our Guests with physical and intellectual disabilities enjoy 5 days away, independent and free to enjoy new experiences. Plus, the impact of Malta Camp goes well beyond just the week – The friendships developed at Malta Camp create a robust community supporting our Guests year-round and longer-term.


Guests with disabilities and volunteers participate in the program side by side as peers, affirming each other’s dignity – while having a blast at the same time! Through friendship we build up and empower our peers with disabilities.


"Malta Camp means a lot to me. It’s an encouraging, and fun community that becomes a family where all of us shine no matter what.


When I have a hard time and need help, I don't feel like my physical and cognitive challenges are a burden. I experience with others my age, authentic and pure compassion, love, kindness, and inclusion. I don’t feel left out or scared I might do something wrong or have a hard time with an activity. We are able to have so much fun and have so many amazing experiences because we are all supported if we need it!"


Check out some highlights from Malta Camp USA 2022

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“Malta Camp is a community filled with joy! I am forever grateful for the positive influence Malta Camp has had on my life.”


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Malta Camp USA aims to change the way we interact with people with disabilities. Our program is free of charge to all participants and relies on the generousity of donors to fund our program. Get involved and support our effort!

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