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What is Malta Camp USA?

Not a summer camp in the woods, Malta Camp USA is a unique 5-day experience. At Malta Camp Guests with disabilities are given a week away to feel independent and free to enjoy new experiences. The impact of Malta Camp goes well beyond just a week -- the intention is that friendships developed at the camp create a robust community of support for guests year-round and longer-term. The camp week is the introduction and setting-off point for these friendships that help build up and empower our disabled peers.


Once in a Lifetime Experience

We aim to overturn the conventional and say that adults with disabilities can go places! Whether it’s a boat ride on Lake George, learning baseball from professional players, or dancing the night away, Malta Camp USA will offer experiences above and beyond what’s often offered to adults with disabilities.

Run by Young People
for Young People

Our guests with disabilities, their helpers, and the staff are principally 21-40 years of age. This makes it easy to build lasting friendships, develop groundbreaking skills together, and achieve the fruit of the camp: a network of young people with and without disabilities that support each other year-round.


Charism and Spirituality

This program gives Order Members (as young as 25) and Auxiliary the opportunity to live out the charism of the Order continuously. First during the week of the camp, where we provide 24/7 assistance, and then as we serve our “Lords,” the Guests, throughout the year with regular phone calls, visits, and even professional guidance and spiritual support.

Break Down Barriers

Malta Camp USA opens doors for many disabled adults who might otherwise lead very “shut-in” lives. It is a catalyst for socialization, travel, and even extraordinary life changes such as resumed church attendance, finishing education, and securing higher-paying jobs.

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